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Our Favorite Sites

Maycocks Bay

Exceptional reef that runs east to west (rather than the usual north to south of the Barrier reef system on the west coast) separated by corridors of white sand approximately 50-100 feet apart. Fish life is outstanding and includes large rays, barracuda, parrot fish, schools of bermuda chub, creole wrasse, trigger fish not to mention outstanding coral and barrel sponge formations. An unmissable dive site (int.-adv.)


Another spectacular reef, colourful, brimming with fish life and a popular reef for barracudas and the endangered Hawksbill turtle. Excellent visibility and schools of tropicals make this an interesting dive including a very wide variety of corals and sponges. (int.-adv.)


The Pamir is 165 ft long and 60 ft down at it’s deepest and is the most northern wreck site on the west coast. She sits upright in a sheltered spot close to shore and was sunk in the early 1980’s this wreck provides fish, fauna, and fun in one experience. A good dive for beginners and a good warm up dive for the Stavronikita (beg.-adv.)


Spawnee often a regular choice as the second of our morning dives, a shallower reef offering inexperienced divers the opportunity to see the fish and fauna most often experienced only on deeper dives. Caribbean reef squid and lots of Trumpet fish abound as well as the usual small tropicals (beg.-adv.).


A fantastic dive site for multilevel dives. A long reef around 50-100ft wide with ledges along the sides making a habitat for Nurse sharks which are rare in the diving area of Barbados. Good visibility, usually drift dive, abundant fish life, gorgeous corals. (int.-adv.).


Reef situated south of Tropicana with a similar depth and reef structure hosting a great variety of fish life. Popular for large Hawksbill turtle, blackjacks and barracuda feeding on the edge of the reef are a common site, a great site for all levels of experience. (beg-adv)


A large flat sandy area with isolated coral heads. On the sand areas, look for sting rays, peacock flounders, and moray eels. Also popular for parrotfish, french angels, rock beauties, and hundreds of tropicals – just some of the reasons that Fisherman’s is a great dive for everyone. (beg.-adv.)


Part of the Folkestone marine underwater park, this is a very popular reef for second dive after the Stav and for resort dives. Fantastic dive for beautiful corals, hundreds of schooling fish, barracuda and turtles. Larger sand patches boast moray eels, trunkfish, spotted drum and much, much more! (beg-adv.)

Little Sandy Lane

Named after the famous Sandy Lane Hotel, this reef system offers large schools of tropicals. An excellent multilevel dive (int.-adv.)

Barracuda Junction

Named after the large schools of barracuda that swim around our reefs. This is just one of the dive sites that they can be seen on a regular basis. Healthy corals and all species of fish, combine to make this a great dive. (int.-adv.)


The Stavronikita, or “The Stav.” as she is affectionately known is definitely a dive not to be missed! She is a Greek freighter that was sunk in 1978, after falling victim to a fire that ravaged her engine room. She is 356′ long and sits bolt upright, with her prop in 130′ of water and her forward mast just 18′ from the surface. She was towed into Barbados and eventually bought by the Barbados government to be sunk and create an artificial reef. The Stav was fully prepared for diving before being sunk and can be dived by all experience levels, All dives are lead by divemasters with huge corridors, cargo holds and cabins waiting to be explored. The Stav. has been rated as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world.(int.-adv.)

Lord Combermere

A small barge sunk in the early 1980’s, she is surrounded by one of our fringing coral reefs. A shallow dive and is excellent for beginners or a refresher dive. (beg.-adv.)

Carlisle Bay

A wreck lovers dream, combined with the Stav, the Carlisle Bay offers 4 shallow wrecks from WWII that could be explored for the second dive of the day. Abundant fish life and a great site for photographers. (snkl.-beg.-adv.)

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